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1) Las Vegas Geeks
Formed in 2000 has "MC Consulting", in February 2003, it became Las Vegas Geeks. Las Vegas Geeks provides computer services and other related IT services in Clark and Nye County, in Southern Nevada.
In February 2010, Las Vegas Geeks was sold to an outside investor, who continues to operate it today.

2) COX Technologies, LLC

From 2005 - 2011, COX Technologies, LLC operated mobile computer services, primarly in Southern Nevada, including Las Vegas Geeks.
After the sale of Las Vegas Geeks, the decision was made to shutdown all Information Technologies based divisions and affiliates of Michael Cox Enterprises.

3) Las Vegas DVD Memories
Las Vegas DVD Memories, a division of Michael Cox Enterprises, LLC, attends the weddings, birthdays, retirements, and other special memories. We'll take tons of pictures and then take the best and create a memorable DVD slideshow of them.
This operation operated from 2006 - 2011 before it was shutdown.

4) TCR - The Computer Room & Legacy Online Communications
Formed in 1994, LegacyBBS and TCR - The Computer Room were the first Information Technologies venture of Michael Cox. The legal name was "TCR - the Computer Room, a division of Michael Cox Enterprises". This venture was part time. With the expansion of the Internet, LegacyBBS was shutdown and shifted to Legacy Online Communications, which did basic website design and hosting. By 1996, Legacy and TCR ended operations.

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